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Our Business Policy

1. Region protection:
   - Exclusive dealership
   - Serial No. scanning before shipment
   - Strictly prohibit for cross region selling

2. Net margin for our distributors: 25%-30%

3. Strong marketing capability: assists our partners to expand its local channels, and  strictly control the market order.

4. Low MOQ: 50pcs; 1 pallet

5. Short lead time: 2-3 working days; standing inventory in Shenzhen & Hong Kong & overseas warehouses

6. Product warranty: 2 year if non-human damage

7. Certificated product quality: Fully meet CE, FCC, CB, EMC, EAC standards

8. Reliable supply chain: shares the factory as other famous brand --Bissell, Dyson etc. 

You are assured that the vacuum is made with advanced technology and strict product inspection.

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Welcome to Redroad Wholesale
We offer wholesale pricing and co-branding opportunities for all occasions. If you're looking to become a distributor of our products, we are always happy to collaborate.
Please contact us at [email protected]