Are you looking for these feature for Redroad V17?

As Redroad V17 handheld cordless “Quiet” Vacuum cleaner have launched since November, 2021, lots for Youtuber and media have talked about us. How many you know about,and what feature you looking for Redroad V17? Lets check out the following feature!!

Beefy suction

The 155AW suction generated by the 125,000rpm motor is industry leading.

Electric Duel roller brush

The Electric Duel roller brush of Redroad V17 may help you out for save the power for cleaning the floor, every time the Electric Duel roller brush roll over the cleaned waste, the Electric Duel roller brush can help to suck the dust into the dust box with the 26000pa and 155AW Suction Power

Universal Movement

The Universal Movement of the Redroad V17 will able the user to change the direction easily and easily to clean the corner or round

Mantolo noise reduction

Noise as low as 60 dB with the 9-stage Mantolo noise reduction system.

Detachable battery

The runtime is up to 60 minutes with the 2,500mAh battery. As it's detachable, you can double the runtime with a backup pack.

Various accessories

double roller brush, dual-HEPA filter, LED crevice nozzle, motorized mite removal brush, 2-in-1 wide nozzle, dusting brush, extension hose, etc.