In November, the long-anticipated Redroad V17 was released worldwide. From the vacuum cleaner Color Match Competition that swept the world to selling out shortly after launch, Redroad V17 has illustrated the power of innovating techs, foreshadowed the future of cleaning appliances, and expressed the need for emerging tech products of the young. Professionals predict that Redroad will occupy an important place in the cleaning industry in the future.

Redroad V17 has met with huge popularity both online and offline upon its launch. It's out of stock in Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and many other EU countries. The supply in many other warehouses around the world is also running low. People are obviously interested in this flagship model with a novel color palette and impressive performance at such a budget price.

According to user reviews, the most important reason they paid for Redroad V17 is the 4x cleaning efficiency with the motorized double-roller brush and high suction. First of all, it means less cleaning time and better cleaning performance than other models of the same price. Secondly, it has many user-friendly details: the constantly brought-up HEPA filters with activated charcoal, low noise, omni-directional roller brush, detachable battery, etc. The reviews indicate that people care the most about the performance of this cleaning appliance.

But many others, especially the younger generation, also mentioned the look and color palette. They love the distinctive design and hope that Redroad will have more surprises to offer.

    The hot-selling Redroad V17 heralds a new era. In the future, Redroad V17 will have more exciting events. Please stay tuned!