To all participants

    We are sorry to inform you of this!

    We've found out that some participants used illegitimate means to manipulate the votes.

    To ensure the fairness of the competition, we will carry out a strict investigation, and participants culpable of foul play will be disqualified.

    Here are the rules of the verdict

        1. More likes than views

        2. Repeating abnormal amounts of likes during a short period of time

        3. More likes than interactions on social media

        4. More than one accounts on the winner list with the same IP address

    We hereby reiterate that the purpose of the competition is to encourage creativeness in designing the vacuum cleaner.

    And the participants that violated this purpose by means of foul play will be disqualified from the competition.

    We will finish the investigation as soon and possible and post the list of winners on the official website, Facebook and Instagram page, and through E-mails.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience!

Redroad Marketing & Event Team