Promoting new aesthetics of daily life: Redroad invites the public to ‘design’ its coming vacuum cleaner

The contemporary world is witnessing unprecedented changes. People are finding the meaning of a fulfilling life in seemingly trivial things. With choices of these things emerging from absence and growing to abundance, people now have a say over the aesthetics of their living space. An Asian design team was touched by such changes and founded Redroad.

Other than offering a comfy and clean living space, Redroad also aims to provide ‘new appliances’ that celebrate the new aesthetics of daily life.

Redroad is holding the Color Match Competition featuring V17, its first new vacuum cleaner this year. Redroad invites the public to design the color scheme of V17 that might be chosen for production.

The competition kicked off on September 1st and soon attracted a lot of people across Europe, many of which are KOLs, influencers, and internet celebrities. Free entry, huge prizes, and great fun, who wouldn’t want to join and design their version of V17?

Giving people what they want, the marketing team of Redroad created a channel for deep conversations with the customers.

Redroad promotes new aesthetics of daily life

Aesthetics is more and more down to earth. It used to live only in enigmatic art pieces, but now it’s found in people’s daily lives.

Redroad believes that beauty is the future of smart home appliances. When we deal with arduous cleaning chores, the least we can ask for is a less boring vacuum cleaner.

In Redroad, great importance is attached to the look design and the visual impact of the color scheme. The eco-friendly coating of Redroad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner, for example, comes from PPG and Musashi, the best in the world. Redroad design team adopts a different approach to design color schemes: it uses smartphones than computers. And it conducts large-scale user researches in multiple countries to test the popularity of different color schemes before finalizing the choice.

The color design competition is an important part of Redroad’s user research for V17.

Empowering individuality

More and more electronics and home appliances come in a variety of colors. The coming iPhone 13, for example, provides 8 choices. But no matter how many or what colors, it’s still decided by the providers. Redroad, through this competition, delegates the power over color scheme design to the customers.

This practice marks the evolution from ‘user-centered design’ to ‘participatory design’.

Smart marketing builds a huge fan base pre-launch

The competition is not only a ‘crowd fundraiser’ of design ideas for V17, but also a smart marketing campaign. The large number of people that join, share, or vote during the competition will gain familiarity and interest in Redroad V17 that might drive them to buy it.

It’s also proof of Redroad’s efforts to promote the flagship V17, its focus on daily aesthetics, and respect for the taste of each individual. Redroad is the first to respond to the many people who think they deserve a better-looking vacuum cleaner. That’s what distinguishes Redroad in the industry and promises a huge success of Redroad V17.