Smart home appliance brand goes innovative—Define your own vacuum cleaner at Redroad Color Design Competition

While Apple fans are expecting iPhone 13 of 8 colors, product coloring events have already become a marketing craze in the electronics and home appliance industry.

We recently noticed the Color Match Competition. It’s held by Asian smart home appliance brand Redroad to warm up its new V17 cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Redroad offers a generous list of prizes: MacBook Pro 13, Mobi rowing machine, Redkey W10 electric mop, Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush, coupons for Redroad shopping website... The prizes are worth an estimated million USD in total.

And the competition is free to join. You don’t have to pay a dime or buy any Redroad product to enter. Design the color scheme of Redroad V17 and you may win one of the prizes mentioned above, and possibly a V17 of your own design.

‘It's so cool’, commented a participant, ‘joining the Redroad competition to make the world’s first home appliance designed by the public’. The competition is open on Redroad official website ( until September 15th.

It's unlikely for Redroad to put every color scheme submitted into production, but we expect 5 to 8 of them to be adopted. The traditional binary classification of ‘black and white’ home appliances and electronics is growingly irrelevant. In its stead, colors are embraced by the home appliance world.

Colorful is the new trend in the home appliance world

Redroad explores for the consumers.
Similarly, kitchenware giant Franke has rolled out the 'Wonderfully colorfully' series. The Smart Deco range hood has 7 colors including warm white, light gray, light blue, green, pink, mustard yellow, and black.

Redroad is founded this year by a prestigious home appliance design team. And the team decided to present the first Redroad product in a variety of colors. On one hand, it’s to follow the trend and on the other hand, it’s to establish a distinctive brand image for Redroad.

Many home appliance brands like Redroad have discarded bleak and boring traditional color schemes (black, white, and shades of gray in between) and begun to explore soft and fresh possibilities. Products of such new color schemes bring a touch of coziness to the house.

Better user experience, better life

‘If my color design was picked by Redroad’, wrote TOM, ‘I could tell it to my friends when they buy this vacuum cleaner. How cool is that!’

Traditionally, product design is a designer thing. They decide what’s beautiful and trendy and ask the consumers to accept and follow it. But young people today don’t like ideas forced onto them. They have distinctive personal styles that they’d love to express. Redroad encourages them by providing an open platform to show their ideas to the world. As they design the colors, they also get to know the parts of the product better.

This will require an open mind, advanced technologies, and strong design capacity of the brand. At the first sight of a vacuum cleaner, normal people see whether it’s good-looking, and designers see whether it allows the best suction, filtration, and cleaning performance. Only top brands with advanced techs and design capacity can cover both ends.

The Color Match Competition shows Redroad’s ambition for V17. It’s confident to present V17 to the public under a microscope.

For the public, this competition is an immersive experience to explore new aesthetics of daily life. Home appliances are evolving from simple tools to an important part of our happiness. The history of vacuum cleaners is a perfect witness. This competition awakes people’s intuitive need for beauty and elegance in life.

It turns out that the vacuum cleaner can be a beautiful item instead of a cleaning tool that we don’t even want to see unless have to. But now, it’s become more like an accessory or pet in the family.

Join free and win MacBook Pro 13 and more—Redroad Color Match Competition The competition is free to enter and open to everyone. From September 1st to September 15th, 2021, you can join the competition on Redroad official website ( Use your creativity and design a vacuum cleaner with the most beautiful color scheme and win one of the many prizes: MacBook Pro 13, Redroad V17, Mobi rowing machine, scooter, Redkey W12 electric mop, Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush, etc. You can also win huge off coupons for Redroad V17.