Unprecedented vacuum cleaner color design competition going wide in Warsaw, Poland

On September 1st, a color design competition held by Redroad kicked off in Poland. This big warm-up event for Redroad V17, the flagship vacuum cleaner to be launched, has become an unprecedented celebration of visual art in Poland.

The 15 days long Redroad Color Match Competition (Poland Edition) is gaining huge traction both online and offline in more than 30 cities across the 16 provinces of Poland.

Warsaw, for example, is flooded with information about this competition. Walk around this prestigious city, you’ll find Redroad V17 banners everywhere: the metro, bus stops, the rear of the buses, and even ATMs.

The online performance is also vigorous. The daily traffic of the Redroad official website has increased by ninefold and 130 thousand people have signed up as new members since the competition kicked off. Thousands of Instagram celebrities have joined the competition and began to help promote it: Słodka Ada, macioseu, vandalekk... The media has also shown great interest too. We have seen reports and follow-ups from tech media PCWorld and Komputer Swiat, news media Newsweek, lifestyle media Ofeminin, etc. With their help, this color design competition has become one of the most ‘in’ events in September. It’s so popular that, all of a sudden, everyone seems to be talking about it.

And the competition is growingly fierce as lots of new designs are being submitted to Redroad every day. Some people love to create tension by mixing bright colors, like the rose red and golden yellow in vandalekk's design. Some stick to analogous colors, like the different shades of green DominikaYT uses. Some others work the magic by turning two or three simple colors in a stunning scheme, like the one of pink and green from slodkada. Not every one of these schemes makes it to the top, but they are surely the best for the designers themselves, and their works deserve to be seen and remembered.

This competition of Redroad represents a novel product design idea. No other vac brands have done anything like this. It’s casual yet passionate. People love it not just for the novelty, but because it represents the search for balance between innovative technologies and artistic designs, people’s intuitive pursuit of fashion and beauty, and their desire to make content that expresses themselves.

With people crowding in, it’s no longer a competition but an inquiry of beauty, a bridge between product design and customers, and a milestone in the course of product design.